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All my books are available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Why not have a look at my current releases and see if any take your fancy. 

As a writer I want to author stories that evoke emotional responses so I work hard to capture situations in a way that will, hopefully, give the reader a satisfying and enjoyable journey through my tales.

My Books

Imagine losing everything you loved as well as the future you'd wished for so long to come true.

Front Cover, Father of Storms book

Seth was born with the gift to manipulate energy, unfortunately his skills mark him as a target for one who wishes to control everything. So began a life running from those who would seek to command him, a life that spans over a thousand years waiting for the day when all will be once again as it was.
Captured in modern day London, Seth needs the help of his companions, the Mara, to show him who he is through dreams of his past, so he can save the family he has waited so long to have.
A warrior bred for battle must fight once more but this time the battlefield is his mind. Can Seth win, or will he finally lose who he is and become the weapon of the man who started his nightmare all those years ago?
Father of Storms is a story told through time, a tale of love and hope where there seems to be none and above all it is a reminder that if you believe, truly believe then even from the darkest places, good things come to those who wait. 

When two people are meant for each other, no matter what life throws at them they take it on the chin and carry on.

Front over, A Final Farewell

Harold and Sarah Wood were this type of couple; married for over 40 years, loving parents and devoted to each other. But sometimes life gives you something that it's incredibly hard to move on from. Harold finds that the death of his wife is one of those things.
A story about how grief can impact a life so incredibly that even the mentality to carry on is tested. With his children dealing with the loss of their mother in their own way, Harold is left to find out how to live alone. 

Sometimes the smallest things in life turn out to have the biggest impact

Front Cover, The Magic Show Book

 Jessica was on holiday with her parents in Scarborough and asks her father, Robert, to take her to see a magic show in the town. She had never seen a live magic show before and her parents had promised her a treat since she had been very well behaved, so off to the show they went.
At the performance the magician, David, takes his audience on a journey through what is possible and shows them that sometimes your perception of the impossible is not what you thought. What Jessica doesn't know is that the magic she sees and experiences will change her life forever.
Is David really magic or just a very good decide. 

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